We are pleased to announce that our fund Clairinvest Cosmopolitan Global is nominated for the 11th annual HFM European Hedge Fund Performance Awards in the category Macro long-term performance (5 years) – under $500m.

The winners will be announced on June 6th. 2019.

About the Award

The awards aim to recognise excellence in risk-adjusted and absolute return performance among smaller and emerging manager European hedge funds across a variety of investment strategies, timeframes and asset sizes.

The judging panel, chaired by HFMWeek editorial staff, will comprise of leading institutional and private investors and investment consultants.

The judges are carefully selected for their wealth of experience and expertise, as well as their absence of conflicts of interest.

Each member of the judging panel will have an equal vote in choosing the winners in each category they are assigned. Decisions should be unanimous, but a majority will suffice.

Judges will take account of risk-adjusted performance, relative AuM and any other professional knowledge about shortlisted funds to come to their decision.

Judges have discretionary power to move submissions into alternative categories that they think may be more suitable.

All judges are required to sign a disclaimer form to keep information about entries and the final winners confidential.